Talently præsenterer: IO Interactive

Hver måned giver Talently en spændende virksomhed mulighed for at præsentere sig selv som arbejdsplads for top IT-talenter. Det skal give indsigt og inspiration. Nogle virksomheder er kendte, andre er mere anonyme. Fælles for dem alle er, at de tilbyder IT-opgaver på et højt fagligt niveau. Vi starter med IO Interactive, som hører til blandt de mere velkendte danske spiludviklere – du har med stor sandsynlighed spillet mindst ét af deres spil på et eller andet tidspunkt…

IOI and Hitman

Hi – we are IO Interactive!

First, some practical information about us:

  • 23 years old
  • Developers of the Hitman Franchise, Kane&Lynch, Mini Ninjas, Freedom Fighters. We are now working on HITMAN 3 Live, Project 007, a new James Bond game, and a new, multiplayer unannounced title.
  • Independent  
  • Largest AAA game developer in Denmark
  • 225+ people and growing 
  • Studios in Copenhagen, Malmö and Barcelona, working on the same projects across sites.

Tech stack:

Glacier, our state-of-the-art, proprietary engine, is part of our success as a studio. It was used to develop the entire Hitman franchise, and is now developed even further to support the games that we are currently working on, such as Project 007 and our new multiplayer title. Winner of Best Technology Award at Nordic Game 2019, our engine is built around visual scripting and hot-reloading to enable completely data-driven WYSIWYG game development. Glacier was designed from the ground-up to enable faster iterations on content creation, tweaking and debugging, containing appx. 5 million lines of code. This has been achieved through a highly-optimized Runtime Resource System (written in C++), a powerful Live Editor (written in C#) and an on-demand Asset Pipeline.

Our technical team:

Our technical team, Backbone, has different tech disciplines: engine, tools, DCC tools, render, UI, online and BI & analytics. We also have producers and directors that empower the different discipline teams to be their best and achieve their goals in collaboration with the rest of development teams.

Typical tasks:

Our coders work primarily with C++, and this is why we mainly look for skilled C++ programmers. Tools programmers work primarily with C#. There are more languages in addition, such as Python and .NET, according to their discipline.

Advantages of working with tech development at IOI

You get:

  • Ownership: you get a big system, feature, or tech goal, and are free to run with it.
  • Trust: if you join IOI, that means you’re good. Therefore, we trust you to achieve the best quality and we are support you.
  • Impact: you see your work in games played by currently 50+ million people, and more in the future.
  • Creative freedom: if you want to try out something you’re passionate about, research new and improved ways of developing our tech stack, we give you the freedom to do so.
  • Flexibility: if you want to switch up the work that you do, develop a new feature, or even switch disciplines – we support it!

Benefits and perks of working at IOI:

  • 31 nationalities and a highly multicultural studio. Our official language is English.
  • Work-life balance
  • Flexible hours
  • Work from home
  • Private health insurance, pension
  • First child sick day
  • Own canteen with dedicated kitchen staff
  • Plenty of office perks, for fun and recreation, social events and a strong community
  • ..and much more

Current open roles that do not require games industry experience:

  • Animation Tech Programmer
  • Animation Tools Programmer
  • Audio Tools Programmer
  • Audio Programmer
  • Asset Pipeline Programmer
  • Multiplayer Network Programmer
  • Lead Online Programmer
  • Build Engineer
  • Generalist C++ programmer

We encourage people to go to  https://career.ioi.dk/careers , find out more and apply.

IOI Careers banner

Præsentationer af spændende virksomheder som arbejdsplads for top IT-talenter er kun en lille del af det arbejde, som Talently laver. Hvis du vil vide mere om Talently og om hvordan vi kan hjælpe dig med din faglige og personlige udvikling, så læs mere her…